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What My Clients Say About Me

Although I was doing yoga by my own understanding from almost 5 years, the 1 year that I joined Paulomi to understand yoga was a complete game changer. It was self awareness of my own fitness, strengths and problem areas. It was not just a routine yoga or weight loss but a perfect amalgamation of mind body soul strengthening and reaping the benefits on a much higher level of fitness.
Aakanksha Kumar
I am a regular member of Paulomi’s training program for the last few years. I have seen a tremendous change in myself – including my attitude towards life. She is knowledgeable and a great communicator. She customized her training program based on individual needs and ambitions. At the same time, she is a hard task master and extract the best out of her trainees in every session. She believes in the holistic aspect of health and fitness, which includes both – physical and mental health. She will not spoon feed you, but guide you to discover your true potential and improve in all major categories of life – Career, Relationship, and Health. I would highly recommend Paulomi for anyone looking for overall well-being including fitness.
Ashish Maheshwari
I have known Paulomi since she was a budding fitness enthusiast. She made me aware of healthy lifestyle and necessity of being fit from a very young age. Fast forward to two decades later - now she is my trainer. I have been training with her for a month and her simple yet novel and consistent approach has made tremendous impact on my general well being. Albeit being in a different continent altogether. In the past I have tried HIIT, Hot Yoga, weight training with many different personal trainers or in group setting - I could see initial impact but didn't see lasting results. Paulomi focuses on basics which is utmost important before progressing to any high impact workouts. Her continuous attention to posture and identifying as well as engaging correct muscle group makes workout all the more fun and rewarding. Her philosophy towards fitness is effective and simple. She is the best trainer I have ever worked out with. I highly recommend Paulomi to anyone who is starting fitness journey or wanting to take things to next level for lasting results.
Deshna Shah
My wellness Journey with Paulomi is and will be an unique one that I will reminisce for sure. I approached her while I was looking out for a coach/trainer with knowledge to help me get back to sustainable health and fitness. I was coming back from a back problem which took a toll on my physical and mental health for like 2 years. Her knowledge and experience helped me with managing both physical (pain) and mental aspects that affected my day to day routine and activities and fast tracked my on-going journey for the better of it. She designed a plan that started with basic stretches, eventually building up the tempo based on how my body was reacting and recovering. She collects feedback to make any changes to the plan. The right position or posture is all you will be hounded for during the sessions and that actually helps. Simple breathing and relaxing techniques that I got to learn and practice are game changers. I have done similar exercises before but with the right technique I felt like doing a whole new exercise. Thanks to her I am unlearning and learning a lot about overall wellness and these lessons have given me the confidence to sustain ahead.
Vinay Indukuri
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