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The current lifestyle and demanding work culture is causing lot of stress and stress related chronic health issues. therefore it is necessary to make yoga & yog philosophy a part of life to keep mind and body relaxed and to keep stress levels under check. Western world has widely accepted and embraced our ancient yog philosophy and have immensely gotten benefited at various level. Now its our time to reap the benefits of yog by inculcating it in our daily routine.

One-on-one Session / Corporate Sessions

Lower Back Rehab

Sedentary corporate life and lack of physical activity has left us with weak spine. on the top of it spending 8-10 hours at desk without much of a movement has altered our neutral spinal curve and have lead to severe neck, shoulders, upper back, & lower back pain. Our special lower back rehad training will bring the spinal strength, stability, and mobility back & will set you free from any aches or pains.
One-on-one Session / Corporate Sessions

Training the Trainers

If you are wishing to be the best in the business then learning the right training techniques are very important. right knowledge of need analysis, goal setting, developing strong client-trainer relationship, customised and individualized program designing, rehab techniques, exercise progression & regression will set you apart as a successful fitness trainer.
One-on-one Session / Corporate Sessions

Lifestyle Management

Balanced lifestyle is The foundation of human existence. Working on your lifestyle is critial if you wish to lead healthy & disease free life. Just by altering few lifestyle choices you can deal with many health issues and bring about more sustainable health benefits.
One-on-one Session / Corporate Sessions

Image Consulting

Dress for Success

Improve your image professionally and personally through appearance, behavior & communication. Use the power of Visual Communication to be effective &

So if you are someone who likes to stand out in a crowd, Image consulting will definitely help you up your game by a couple of notch and will put you at the top of the cadre.

Corporate Sessions / One-on-one Consultation / Staff Training

Personal Training

If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, you may be wondering whether hiring a personal trainer is right for you. Whether you’re new to exercising or the gym is your second home, working with a personal trainer can help you reach your health and fitness goals. As a certified personal trainer, we are trained in creating and implementing safe and effective exercise programs for you. In other words, we will help you work out and execute other lifestyle changes to reach your fitness goal.

Soft Skills Training

Improve productivity, create a positive work environment, & strengthen leadership. Enhance communication & collaboration skills for achieving greater success in specific role.

Your technical skills alone cannot guarantee success at work place and otherwise. So if you always find yourself struggling at workplace regardless of being technically excellent, you might need to work on your People Skills / Personal Skills.

Soft Skills Training will help you sail through the rough sea with ease.

Corporate Sessions / One-on-one Consultation / Staff Training

Group Fitness Sessions

If you are someone who likes to draw energy and enthusiasm through group activities then group fitness sessions are apt for you. studies have shown that as opposed to working out alone, if you have one more person with the same fitness goal working out with you, your chances of achieving your fitness goal hightens. it also adds more fun to your workout regime.

Well-Being & Mindfulness

At Paulomiz we not only focus on your health and fitness but also on your mental and emotioal well-being. this 360 degree holistic apporach will accelerate your progress on your fitness journey, will give you great sense of well-being, and will heighten your awareness. This inise-out apporach will then help you to lead more mindful life and eventually will enhance your quality of life.
Corporate Sessions / One-on-one Consultation / Staff Training
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